Haikus Again


Jade, for travelers.
Rabbit’s foot, to bring good luck.
Whiskey? Just because.


Ease of Play:

Gotta catch ‘em all?!
Your backpack will weigh a ton.
Stick to D&D.


Bold Thought:

A perfect spring day.
We both know what must be done –
The answer is me.


Meteorological Expectation:

Summer sun and wind
Brings promise of thunderstorms
And heavy, fresh rain



I’ve found I enjoy writing haikus – a form I never really utilized. There is something playful and challenging in trying to express an idea in a limited number of syllables and space. Like writing a sonnet and keeping a meter.

Sorry for the slight delay – faulty internet has been glitching for a few days now. Drives me insane.

You lie, World Wide Web

You promised me internet

But left me alone.

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