Hey Lady! Hey Lady! Hey Lady!
Hey Lady! Hey Lady! Hey Lady!
Lady! Lady! Lady!

Buy something! Buy something!
Buy something Lady!

Buy something Lady! Hey Lady!
Lady Hey Buy! Buy, Hey Lady!
Lady, Lady, Hey, Hey, Buy, Buy,
Lady, Hey, Buy, Lady, Hey, Buy!

Come on in to my store Lady
Come on in and buy!
Come and give me your time Lady
Come on in and buy!

Only the best for you, Lady
Number one goods in my store
You want what I got to give, Lady
Come in and you’ll see some more

Hey Lady, Hey Lady you got green pockets
Hey Lady’s got dollars to blow
Hey Lady, gimme time and I’ll bleed you dry
Hey Lady, you won’t ever know.

Lady! You want? You want? You want?
Yes now you come in and buy
I got special things so come to my store
You want? Gotta come in and buy.

You’re trying to walk, Lady?
You’re trying to leave?
Oh please don’t go, Lady!
Guess what’s up my sleeve…

Just more of the same – Buy something nice!
Just more sets of lungs – Lady come here!
Just our unending voices – Lady you want?
Just the noise of the hawkers – Lady come here!


An experiment in free verse? And then more traditional rhyme? This is what it sounded like after an hour of nothing but the same sentences over and over. It’s a cacophony of lies and pleading. It’s pounding on the ears and demanding and fatiguing.

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