This Morning’s Jingle

This Morning’s Jingle

I think I’m pretty awesome.
That’s how I roll.
Waiting for the phone call that will probably kill a bit of my soul.
Job opportunity. A perfect fit for me.
Today’s the day.
Hope this sinking feeling goes away
And I hope it does it soon
‘Cuz I’m running out of tune.
Gotta get this food to the food pantry
Doing right by neighbors, and karmatically speaking – me
And then sit by the phone
Try not to think about how I’m alone
And not employed in a self-fulfilling industry
Cubicles not my cup of tea
But what else can I do?
Worked really hard, yeah that’s true.
Rocked my life
Relatively free from strife
So why then should I feel blue?
Ho-hum, dum de dum dum dum
Getting in my car, no guitar to strum
Song should be done
But it’s fun
To sing about mundane tasks in the sun.
Hope it’s a good day today.
Hope everything goes my way.


Note: I did not do this as any sort of rap. It’s really just a simple riff on a basic melody line.

And yes – I do this many mornings.

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