Sea Change


4.20 Sea Change

Every Sunday there is a man screaming at the sea.
At dawn, I hear him yelling,
Voice straining violently
As the low tide waves do nothing
To drown him out and let me sleep.
I want to warn him that this weekly ritual is probably bad
For those fragile little threads in his throat.
I can hear them break over the surf,
Especially when he reaches the top of his register.
It sounds like losing one’s balance.
At first I thought he was drunk.
After the third time I thought it was rage,
Then grief after the fourth,
And then back to alcohol-induced.
I went to yell to the man,
But saw he had headphones in and could not hear me.
“Madam, il le fait pour chanter mieux,”
The guard says at my shoulder.
He grabs his throat in his fingertips
And makes a gesture that suggests strengthening.
I nod as though I understand this logic.
“C’est le sel – c’est bon pour la voix.”
Ah yes.
If I wanted to sound like beef jerky
I too would scream at the ocean.
The salt would cure my throat so that it never got tired.
In front of us, just out of earshot
The man keeps sing-screaming to the endless ocean
Off-rhythm and Off-key
Hoping to have a voice as tough as the surf.

Another Ditty Made up While Driving


Another Ditty Made up While Driving

(Sung as an upbeat gospel style/ soul song, after being stuck behind a man who seemed very confused by the act of driving)

I keep on driving/ On down that road
I keep on going/ On down that road
You take to turning/ ‘Cause we both know
You don’t know where/ you want to go

The road is dusty/ The road is long
So I keep singing/ My driving song
Over bridges and mountains/ On to the sea
On the road eternal/ is where I’ll be

I keep on driving/ on down that road
I keep on going/ On down that road
We take to turning/ cause we both know
The road will take us/ where we need to go

The road it brings me/ just what I need.
The road is sets my/ poor spirit free
The good Lord gave me/ the winding road
His spirit leads me/ where I need to go.

I keep on driving/ On down that road
I keep on going/ On down that road
I don’t mind turning/ for I do know
The road will take me/ where I want to go.

Yes, the road will take me/ where I want to go

This Morning’s Jingle


This Morning’s Jingle

I think I’m pretty awesome.
That’s how I roll.
Waiting for the phone call that will probably kill a bit of my soul.
Job opportunity. A perfect fit for me.
Today’s the day.
Hope this sinking feeling goes away
And I hope it does it soon
‘Cuz I’m running out of tune.
Gotta get this food to the food pantry
Doing right by neighbors, and karmatically speaking – me
And then sit by the phone
Try not to think about how I’m alone
And not employed in a self-fulfilling industry
Cubicles not my cup of tea
But what else can I do?
Worked really hard, yeah that’s true.
Rocked my life
Relatively free from strife
So why then should I feel blue?
Ho-hum, dum de dum dum dum
Getting in my car, no guitar to strum
Song should be done
But it’s fun
To sing about mundane tasks in the sun.
Hope it’s a good day today.
Hope everything goes my way.


Note: I did not do this as any sort of rap. It’s really just a simple riff on a basic melody line.

And yes – I do this many mornings.