Gunmetal Eyes

Gunmetal Eyes

Unfair, those grey and blue eyes!
Like naval ships cresting the waves of the sea.
Enough to send my lovely morals and scruples
Tumbling down like crisp autumn leaves.

How can you possess such cruelty?
Blithely blink them about without being aware
I’m ill-equipped to fight beguilement right now.
My heart’s whisked away, all devil-may-care.

Maturity’s grand – thank God for my years
I can keep my giddy young skipping steps in
And you, well-removed, cast your gaze all about
Breaking hearts in the wake of your gunmetal sin.

I must force my feet forward from you
Lest I break this plum silence with words
A visual dalliance is good for a gal
Conversation is a step too absurd!

Have you ever been captivated by a pair of eyes? I’m in my thirties – I’ve seen a lot of eyes in my life so far. It’s rare that a pair get my attention a la a high school flirtation level. But at GenCon this year, I met a French illustrator with the most swoon-worthy eyes. And unlike this cheeky poetical version, I did summon up the courage to talk to him (and show off my rusty French language skills!). I think that is something I really like about being in my thirties – I’m not afraid to go up and speak to people. The high-school version of me might have done it, but more than likely would have just stared and blushed and walked away, silent.

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