Movie Trailer: The Thorax

Voice-over: When she murdered his brother, he promised revenge.
Woman: (startled, sitting up in bed) What was that?
Voice-over: The darkness is his ally…
*Camera flashes tight shots of what appears to be a tunnel, dimly lit. Cut to store.*
Store owner: I’m sorry, I don’t know what you expect me to do.
Woman: I need you to help me stop it!
Store owner: There is no stopping it!
*steely-eyed woman now glares at middle distance*
Voice-over:…because the light is his doom.
*Back in the “tunnels,” the camera skitters out of a patch of sudden light. The angle changes around the light to reveal that it is a flashlight, and the point of view is actually very small and close to the ground*
Woman: (holding flashlight and a shoe) Where are you, you bastard?
Voice over: This summer…revenge knows no size…
*Camera pans down and around from woman now, to reveal a single large cockroach on the ceiling over her head*
Cockroach: You know, you’re really starting to bug me.
*cockroach drops in slow motion*
*music beat*
Skittering to a theater near you….


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