Fantasy Eyebrows

Fantasy Eyebrows


High, arching eyebrows are the mark of the villain.

Second option: the dangerous love interest

(He’ll probably shoot a questionably innocent person early on)

Straight, bushy brows? That’s the wise, cantankerous teacher

Or a fat jerk who is selling low-quality goods at market prices to make an extra buck.

Thin, graceful eyebrows usually belong to the princess

Or her proud, condescending fop of a brother.

Strong, no-nonsense brows probably did some military time.

Might mark the hero or heroine

(The betrayer will have them too – but there will be a hint of an arch)

A unibrow is the most complicated of brows.

Simpleminded rube, evil sidekick, loyal and marked for death – all possibilities…

No eyebrows?


Possibly the scientist gleefully making science.

Straight, slanting eyebrows?

You’re watching anime.

Anime does not count because it’s not real.

We’re talking fantasy here.



I am actually a big fan of science fiction eyebrows – for whatever reason, you can tell a lot based on eyebrows.

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