~Day 30!~

Day 30: The Timed Sonnet

(This sonnet is going to be written without allowing myself pause to edit or think of better words. While I am going to let myself fix things that affect meter, I will use the first rhyme that comes into my head.)
Time limit: 5 minutes (roughly – don’t have a clock nearby)


I’m playing fast and loose with word and rhyme.
There’s much too much to say when all is said.
As long as I am mindful of the time,
I think I’ll keep the beat and stay ahead.
The tricky thing when trying to be coy,
Or thinking from the backside of your pants,
Like ancient warriors equine hid in Troy,
Is how to keep the lead while in the dance.
It’s trusting gut and intuition true,
A swordsman never doubts his blade will hit.
Likewise when writing you must trust in you,
And certainly you’ll come up with some wit.
And if you fail your end is not complete.
Your savior is the blessed key “delete.”

Hmm… Ok, “backside of the pants” was “seat of your pants.” I’m not so keen on “you must trust in you,” nor the whole “say when all is said.”

But I think there’s some truth in trusting your gut and just letting your brain go with it – I allowed myself to be a little ridiculous and grammatically strained, and came up with something that at least has an optimistic message.

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