A Beautiful Limit

A Beautiful Limit

We built a remarkable dam.

We built a great canal.

We built thousands of miles of rail

And tens of thousands of miles of road.

So building a wall should be easy.

Now, the dam we built is great

At providing energy to anyone.

The dam we built harnessed nature,

Giving light without judgment.

And the canal opened the oceans

To whatever ship could navigate

The giant locks we died building

Giving everyone access to trade.

These rails and roads

Connect everyone to everyone else.

We wanted to be able to visit,

To move away, to reunite,

To go from coast to coast.

Through mountains, over rivers, around bends

So we could reach each other.

We yearn to explore, see, reach, and find.

In our new land, which we reached

From other lands replete with their own walls

Perhaps we cannot build a wall

To keep people out

Because in our bones we know

We ran from walls

So we could be let in.

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