A Mother’s Day


A Mother’s Day

Honesty politely asks I remind you
How often we fought over absolutely nothing.
How I held the needle that brought you pain,
But also made you laugh in the face of the Reaper
Who sat politely by the bedside, waiting.
Love was the undercurrent under our arguments.
We did not live in flowers, we did not bring hearts to each other.
We clashed as Amazons, and snarled like lions.
And when you left, I could not bear the joy of others.
Their sentiments made me wretch.
Their sugar hurt my molars.
Because they denied the truth of love,
Which is it survives and thrives in the blasted furrows
And binds the sharp edges of broken hearts.
Yet in the passing of time, I can take their flowers and hearts
And recognize our truth within them.
How we fought.
How we loved despite it.
Happy Mother’s Day.


Test Results II


Test Results II

Poetry is such sweet distraction.
But warriors do not dawdle.
Onward, valiant, to the news!


Now, here is an interesting emotion.
False bravado mixed with melodrama.
Despair flowing up to fill a wishing well
The size of my tear ducts.
Yet I am breathing.
Yet I am typing.
Yet I am working.
My dreams are not fulfilled.
And now they must wait till I am greyer,
Wiser, older, crabbier, deadlier.
There were always only two sides to this coin,
And one was going to hurt.
So what to do with the spear in my side?
Small like a splinter, painful like a car crash.
Only two sides, and did I not promise myself
That I would remain intact no matter the toss?
So I sink instead of float.
So I trudge instead of skip.
So I…fall silent instead of sing.
Such an emotion to wrestle with – a hydra of indifference,
sadness, anger, and resolution to do better.

Raise fast the shield of distance!
Quickly now, step backwards and look forwards.
Forward, so far forward, as far forward as I dare.
Out to a horizon where things will be better.
Where I will make them better.

Let despair into your joints and you will never rise to fight.
And fighting is all you can do to right the course.
So up, up warrior!
Pull out that spear and raise your shield.
Don’t dawdle – the next toss fast approaches.
And you had best be ready.




She strides, bedecked in the trappings
of ravens and magpies.
Her coat, the color of the urban underclouds.
Plum, peach, and slate grey skies.

She smiles in confident tones of
One who has seen a thing or two,
Knows what is what.
She points you to your destination
In exchange for a bauble
Of personal information you already forgot.

Green boots, like cocktail olives
And fashion forward thinking.
She strides, clothed in the trappings
Of ravens and magpies.


I have returned! I’ve kept all my poetry in paper journal format as is my custom. I guess it’s time to go back to putting it all up in electronic format.

I’ve been playing with that first couplet for months now – never sure where it was meant to go.

A Beautiful Limit


A Beautiful Limit

We built a remarkable dam.

We built a great canal.

We built thousands of miles of rail

And tens of thousands of miles of road.

So building a wall should be easy.

Now, the dam we built is great

At providing energy to anyone.

The dam we built harnessed nature,

Giving light without judgment.

And the canal opened the oceans

To whatever ship could navigate

The giant locks we died building

Giving everyone access to trade.

These rails and roads

Connect everyone to everyone else.

We wanted to be able to visit,

To move away, to reunite,

To go from coast to coast.

Through mountains, over rivers, around bends

So we could reach each other.

We yearn to explore, see, reach, and find.

In our new land, which we reached

From other lands replete with their own walls

Perhaps we cannot build a wall

To keep people out

Because in our bones we know

We ran from walls

So we could be let in.

And so you Build


And so you Build

And so you build.

Things break down and bust,

Crumble down and tumble down,

Dark days do not turn to dawn fast enough

And so you build.

The millstones grind and watches stop

Gloves unravel and coffins splinter

As earth remains earth forever

And so you build.

You build a shelter, a hovel, a house

You build a wall, a gate, a portcullis

You build whatever it takes

To put a tarp over your shoulders

And pretend like the storm is not overhead

And so you build.