…Day 23…

Day 23: The Littles

Little Sally Sunshine
Took a sip of fine white wine
She glowed and glowed
On world below
And always took her time.


Little Tommy Tuesday
Wanted desperately to say
He’d had enough
Of the rough stuff
And move to another day.


Little Nancy Nowhere
Ran long fingers through her hair
She looked around
But soon she found
There was nobody there.


Little Jimmy July
Thought about his men who died
When colors bright
Light up the night
They will not see the sky.


Little Molly Mayhem
Breaks off flowers at the stem
She strips the petals
Lets them settle
Then stomps all over them


Little world in little space
Breaking things all over the place
Then women and men
Begin again
Little human race




Poor Amy Avalanche – she got left out because her name did not fit my pattern:

Little Amy Avalanche
Loves to make the mountains blanche
She loves to fright
And turn ‘em white
Whenever she gets the chance

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