Day 14


Day 14: Guns Galore

Come on down to Guns Galore
Your friendly neighborhood firearms store!
We’ve got rifles! Handguns too!
Will semi-automatic do?
We’ve got bullets! We’ve got shells!
We’ll save you from the ne’er-do-wells!
Don’t like a face? Don’t even worry!
We’ll get you armed up in a hurry!
You’ll never lose a wink no more,
Just come on down to Guns Galore!
We promise not to check or pry
Asking who you wish would die
We’re only selling safety here
We want you to live free from fear!
You, and everyone you know
(How else will our franchise grow?)
Put a gun in every hand
And see peace spread throughout the land!
Only love and nothing more,
That’s the goal of Guns Galore!
Got a screw loose in your head?
It’s not our fault who winds up dead.
It’s not our job to check who buys.
It’s not our mess when someone dies.
But do you want to take a guess
As to what could fix this little mess?
That’s right! Just buy a few guns more
Best come on back to Guns Galore!



As someone who shoots, I find the constant inability of my country to check its own behavior abhorrent. I don’t understand why we can’t regulate, why we treat asking simple questions and keeping track of who is buying firearms like those are the crimes. I’m tired of seeing the News trot out weeping mothers and then move on.

The cynic in me understands perfectly. Guns are primarily a cash in hand business. Why mess with capitalism?

I usually try to avoid political poetry – it gets super preachy and full of itself. That’s why mine rhymes – it takes out some of the pomp 😉


Days Numbered 11,12, and 13


Day 11: When You’re in a Mood..

I’d like to think I have rage,

But I’ve been calm my whole life.

What if I don’t have the necessary anger

To desire an organ? A throat?

To remove your teeth?

To remove just one tooth, without permission?

I want that sort of thing in my back pocket.

I like the idea of it being there –

A cold, violent power.


Here we are.





Day 12:  Chinese IKEA

Surging, sweeping people pushing
All along aisles and alleys
People pressing – crowd control
Unlikely, unstoppable – universally un-doable
Plodding people stopping suddenly
Someone sees something shiny
Carts collide, mumbling masses
Don’t dare delay – drive
Forward forever! Buying behemoth
Carries cash, check, credit
Hey, hurry! Yes, You!
Escape! Employ Emergency Exit!




Day 13:  Daydream Believer

One day I spied a handsome man

Walking down a beach.

I tried to walk along his path

But he stayed out of reach.

A foolish goal to chase this dream

As he would never stop.

Oasis on my mental shore

A flask with not one drop.