Days Numbered 11,12, and 13

Day 11: When You’re in a Mood..

I’d like to think I have rage,

But I’ve been calm my whole life.

What if I don’t have the necessary anger

To desire an organ? A throat?

To remove your teeth?

To remove just one tooth, without permission?

I want that sort of thing in my back pocket.

I like the idea of it being there –

A cold, violent power.


Here we are.





Day 12:  Chinese IKEA

Surging, sweeping people pushing
All along aisles and alleys
People pressing – crowd control
Unlikely, unstoppable – universally un-doable
Plodding people stopping suddenly
Someone sees something shiny
Carts collide, mumbling masses
Don’t dare delay – drive
Forward forever! Buying behemoth
Carries cash, check, credit
Hey, hurry! Yes, You!
Escape! Employ Emergency Exit!




Day 13:  Daydream Believer

One day I spied a handsome man

Walking down a beach.

I tried to walk along his path

But he stayed out of reach.

A foolish goal to chase this dream

As he would never stop.

Oasis on my mental shore

A flask with not one drop.

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