Day 17-19

Day 17:  From this High Up

Should you be struck by lightning,
The noise would crack your eardrums,
My father assured me.
He didn’t tell me what would happen
If I stood at the top of a skyscraper
And lightning snaked between my building
And the one next door.

Let me tell you.

When you are on the thirty-first floor,
You are too tall to be the means to Earth.
You are of no interest to electricity, to polarity,
So lightning, disinterested, passes you by.
And so, like Zeus, like Thor,
You get to watch white light
A serpent, a subway train, a mountain path,
Make its own way to the ground
Far beneath you.
And your eardrums stay intact.




Day 18: Useless

May I never be as useless as the woman
In the movie who tells the hero
He promised he would never leave her,
Right after he finds out his father was murdered.

Murdered? But…you said you would stay here
And play Parcheesi
With me!
Revenge? But…you said you would stay here
And go shopping for entryway rugs
With me!
Honor? But…you said you would stay here
We were going to get matching tattoos!
We were going try tepanyaki!
What about swing dancing on Thursday?

May I never be as useless
As an unyielding love interest.




Day 19: Kitchen Ninja

There’s a ninja in my kitchen.
And he wants Captain Crunch.
I said I only had a ham.
He said he’d stay for lunch.

I got out two of my best plates.
He kindly sliced the meat.
He asked for tea. I grabbed two cups.
And we sat down to eat.

I did not think to ask his name,
Nor why he comes to me.
We’re just munching sandwiches,
Just as two friends would be.

I fear perhaps it’s just his lot,
As with all the shadows black.
They long for easy conversation,
And a tasty afternoon snack.

Now he’s finished eating.
He says, “Thanks,” and turns to go.
I say if he wants cereal
Send word and let me know.

I don’t know if he heard me.
I guess I should have known.
Except for crumbs upon the plate
You’d think I dined alone.

My advice to you in times like these,
Should a ninja visit you?
Just open up the pantry door
And set places for two.





When I write “Kitchen Ninja” again, it will be about a ninja that works in the kitchen. That will be fun…

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