Your Algorithm

You are a moonlit witch Collector of stones and cacti You are glorious and weird and probably racist
You are beautiful just as you are And more beautiful if you get this contour brush
Never forget the struggles you overcame Never forget that your struggles are nothing compared to the struggles of others Your foes were small They just looked big because your mind was small and precious and capable of holding multitudes
Everyone loves you.
The ones who don’t are just as privileged but don’t know the lingo
You are terrible on some level so buy these leggings – now made for every leg! Your best is good enough You’ve been fighting for so long But the fight is never finished Don’t worry about what others think of you Unless they are the worthy judges of your worth Who find you wanting Because your best will never be good enough
Sing that song you like Remember that snippet from your youth? You shouldn’t – it’s bad now But you can still like it Shame on you Feel shame for your life Revel in the blessings of your life
Pizza rolls and fancy cakes and fear Roll yourself in glitter and jump off something tall
Thirty seconds of decency Thirty seconds of rage Thirty seconds of bespoke salsa sped up fast enough to be a culinary impossibility Impossible food because the thirty seconds is a lie
Can you believe it? I can’t believe you would – you will never believe enough
Just focus – it’s easy
You’re a goddess Your underwear is grubby and human and perfect You’re a majestic unicorn who is also part of the problem You’ll never understand unless you do the work No, not that work That won’t work
Jesus Christ how hard is this to understand?!
It’s simple – here in one sentence, truth Here, opposite truth so don’t listen to it
Blue background. Cruel words and cruel faces. Your friends are here and they are gone They don’t remember you Only your memories from some time ago You are a nebulous idea and they love you But you have offended them all the same Run away Run away Run away to the beaches, to the trash rivers flowing to the high air of the mountains Run away from the feeling of being watched and seen incorrectly Run away and come back because those shoes are now on sale
It’s five o’clock somewhere It’s wine’o’clock somewhere It’s all Greek to me It’s all Geek to me It’s over Anakin, I have the moves like Jagger I am blessed This is fine Mrow Much presence so deflection
New baby new house new hair new tattoo new politics new city new pet new plant new me new you but never new we remember don’t we we all remember and we never forget and you never forget and they never forget and it’s right there in the corner of your eye just below the bottom of the page if you just scroll down a little further.
You’ll find it if you just keep looking.


You are a fish in an ocean of enticing hooks.

I was just thinking about how much stress I feel when on my social media – how many conflicting messages hit each other and ping-pong around and by the time I’m done I’m drained and I’m not smiling even when I see something funny.

Take care of yourself. Maybe it’s not worth it…

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