Making the Rounds

Round one, shields up
Pass the glass and down the cup
They’re not yet sure who’s foe or friend
And this night may quickly end
In awkward silences and doubt
So drink up, cocktails, wine, and stout!

Round two, here’s the sounds
Of similarities newfound
Cigarettes and movie quotes
The air is thick with jazz and smoke
And cups are emptying with glee
Let the barman bring round three!

And somehow reach rounds four and five
You wonder how they’re still alive
Well past the general niceties
They heading into stormy seas
Of politics and current news
Comparing angers, matching views
And by round six when all that’s done
They’re sitting silent as round one.

Glasses down, wallets out
Gone the cocktails, wine, and stout
And strangers are now almost friends
This is how a good night ends
Yet they hunt through darkened skies
For greasy meat and salty fries
I do not envy them the dawn
When all the rounds have come and gone
But wish them well the next time when
They meet to make the rounds again!

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