Systems and Grids of Man

Systems and Grids of Man

Cities are synapses.
Nerves. Amoebic hexagons.
Pulsing signs along power lines:
Our team won State!
We have a new mall!
Unsolved murder!

Lights at night-the brains of the nation running bright,
From metropolis to city to suburb to town to township
The body of the nation evolving with the power grid
Symmetrical, and yet amorphous
As each farmer sets up a shed light
To keep the raccoons out of the feed,
A random star in a dark plot of Earth.
The grids of man create the country
The circulatory system of the country expands in the night
Like a map of the mind of man
Beyond our comprehension,
And yet based solely on our design.


I might have been super tired and a little frightened while flying and writing this. I remember it was chilly out, and it was night, and the little commuter plane was bouncing about. I wanted to think positive, and so I blurted out all that in my nervousness.

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