A Healthy Balance of Blame


A Healthy Balance of Blame

I admit that I am at fault.
Not as at fault as you, but at fault.
Perhaps a sixty-forty fault line,
Or more accurately and eighty-twenty ratio
Of you being more wrong than I.
Does that seem fair?
I think it sounds very fair.
I am willing to look into my soul
And admit that I am not perfect.
This is a tricky and noble endeavor.
I deserve credit for the caliber of my soul.
You should do the same, but more,
Because you are more to blame than I.
It’s never easy, having to assign fault
In such situations as these.
Rocks in hand, staring through our glass houses
Wondering who deserves the right
To throw first, when we know we’ll both get cut.
The answer is me, by the way.
I get to go first,
Because you are more to blame than I.
Your face suggests you disagree?
Well, you should have thought about that
Before you decided to be more wrong.
I am trying to be fair.
I am admitting that I am wrong.
Not as wrong as you, and my admittance alleviates some of my guilt,
But still, I am making an honest effort.
You could at least do the same.
But more so.
Because, as I think I’ve made clear,
You are more to blame than I.

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