Eternal Harmony of Breaking and Building

Eternal Harmony of Breaking and Building

We begin in chaos.
Electricity – atoms compounding, vibrating,
Casting off bits of energy and pieces to achieve a laughable harmony.
Order – stackable cells meet other cells, trade numbers, arrange for later meetings.
Hem, press, steam into rigid forms with supple limbs,
Containing order and chaos in a semi-permeable shell.
Expand beyond one shell
And find only repetition of the pattern.
Chaos of a day.
Symmetry of a routine.
Electrons in the form of dentist visits,
Greedy tumbles with hopeful acquaintances,
A slippery stair, burnt coffee,
A hummingbird watching with curiosity as you fill the Earth with micro greens.
Order of the food web.
Chaos of the meteors, and yet symmetry in gravity, magnetism, the very cycle.
The cycle suggests ultimate order.
Though the cosmos may appear to tumble in giddy abandon
We never burst apart in abandon of our own orders.
We may create chaos, but always in form.
Lay ink blots on code on scribbles in crayon on scaffolding and mandalas
Movement, dance, destruction, and yet within the limits
We see and cannot ever hope to comprehend,
Hemming our cells into structure, our electrons into place,
Until we end our own order and join new orders in the dust.

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