NaPoWriMo 2.4

Cover Letter
(To the tune of “Modern Major General” by Gilbert and Sullivan)

Here’s who I am and what I do
In paragraphs no more than three.
My intro is a chance to tell you
Briefly why you should pick me.
These first few lines are difficult
Because there’s so much I could say!
I’ve got to make you notice me
So you won’t tell me “not today.”

I’ll tell you all about the time
I worked with high efficiency.
Or how about the way
I thrive on high responsibility?
In short, that I’m an educated
Woman of tenacity,
(Tenacity…not that difficult, really…Got it!)
Who’ll easily endeavor to
Get you to max capacity!

My qualifications are right here,
And references I’ll pass along.
Look forward to your reading
Of my resume, for it’s quite strong.
Thank you for your consideration
I’m confident you’ll have no fears
I am the very model
Of one of your seven temp cashiers!

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