Ode to my Honda in the Snow

In all the freezes of the years,

You’ve always started without fuss.

whrr-whrr-click hmmmm

Beautiful music to my frostbitten ears.

And though I know you detest the snow,

Can’t abide slush, and fear the ice,

You have yet to lead me to my death.

For that, I am so grateful.

And now, as we face this hill in the snow,

As I hesitate to accelerate

As your back wheels slide and you whine,

I have faith in us.

Charge on, old Honda!
Charge on and up!

Wheels spinning more than necessary,

Heater working like gangbusters,

You take me up the unplowed highway,

Soothing me while others lean on horns

And swear that I could be going faster.

You, oh lovely, lovely car

Lose your feet but not your head

(Mechanically, the wheels but not the carriage)

And reassure me as your anti-lock brakes

Seize up and slide me through intersections,

That you would stop, if you could.

Oh, my beloved car.

I will drape you in the fanciest car washes!

I will fill your tank with the richest of washer fluids

(If your wipers worked below freezing, that is)!

I will vacuum you on a regular basis!

I will stroke your dashboard and let you know

That you are my darling, my dear,

My ill-equipped husky,

And together we will brave this Midwestern tundra,

Till the glorious summer roads return…

If only you keep me on the road

And get me safely home again.

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