Random Rhymes

Here are some random rhyming bits I’ve scribbled down in my free moments


When I’m alone,

I can pretend.

When I see you,

Pretenses end.


Hand in the grass

Foot on the moon

It all comes to pass

And passes too soon


For a Good Time

In the early Vegas morn

Walk the men who sweep up porn

Stuck to clean up all the bits

Of wilted cards, of soggy tits

The calling cards which went unused

The hookers left to sing the blues

As up with brooms go all the boobs

The dawn reveals all the rubes

And the stoic souls who wake to clean

That boulevard of broken dreams.


If you’re going to rebel

You better do it well!

For if your rebellion’s boring

And you leave the people snoring

What pray tell was the point

In you getting all disjointed?

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