Doki Doki


Doki Doki

Mock poetry at you own risk.
Poetry proves that in words
We see the souls of others
Ripped free of constraint.
This may lead to violence, broken bones,
And out of focus eyes that shine a bit too brightly
In sunlit classrooms.

Poetry, oft-maligned, self-aware poetry
Is emotion deflected with cute words that wrap around and protect us
In soft, soft, crushingly soft language, muffling our voices till they are only unintelligible sounds and gasps for air.

We cannot look at poetry breaking down
Without seeing the person breaking down in tandem
This is horrifying.
Self-reflexive preservation pushes us back
From meters that make no sense, sentence fragments, bits of math tumbling from a demented mouth.

And all those short skirts, bright hair, scripted sighs
Won’t save you from the poetry.
Beautiful, broken poetry that daintily reels you in and snaps your neck
With the efficiency of a full stop.

Mock poetry at your own risk.
Learn the lessons of language young.
Save yourself.


I did not play through “Doki Doki Literature Club.” I watched a GameGrumps let’s play, so I got to watch this unnerving game from a distance. Even that was not enough to save me from being affected. So, if you like games that will make you uncomfortable, go check it out. I guess, for the rest of us, there is poetry to save us.


From the Mouths of Prudes (4.4)


From the Mouths of Prudes

Erotic language is difficult in the mouths of the untried.
We need to sound out even the gentlest of demands
In front of tea kettles slowly coming to a boil.
I want you to put my fingers in your mouth
Mumbling to ourselves over needlepoint stitches
Forcing words through propriety’s vocal sieves
We must rehearse these unfamiliar lines.
Tongue. Lick. Brea-sts.
No good to try them in bed, in the safety of night
We have to push out these tricky words in the day
So that, when required, we can casually say
I want you naked and…writing? Writhing!
As though such thoughts required no prerequisite silencing
Of the dowdy, scolding church women
And we simply touched some inner molten core
Inherent to all lusty women.