In the Stillness / Climb


In the Stillness

In the stillness of an early morning pre-sun
One eye opens halfway
To ensure you are still there
Resting as you were the night before
Sleep smoothing life’s tensions
Limbs bent and wrapped around the blankets
One eye opens halfway
Ensuring I am still here
Resting next to you
Undiminished and whole
Before the demands of the waking sun
Remove us both
Both eyes shut
In the stillness of an early morning pre-sun


I told my muscles, “Upward!”
They responded, “Not inclined.”
I chuckled and climbed.

Not far, I promised
When muscles asked for rest
That was just the first crest.

Second ridge was harder
Nothing but stairs into the stone
Muscles took accusing tone.

Pushed us further onward
So close to the peak
Muscles cried out, “We are weak!”

I cheered them “You are strong!”
We hit the top
And had to stop.

Then the horrid moment
Muscles shaking, scared and bent
Contemplating the descent.

Upward, I had cried
Muscles knew from town
What goes up, must come down.

Muscles win the argument
Once I’m soaking in the bath
Facing their knotted wrath

They don’t know my plan
Of going out with a friend
And climbing next weekend.


A Single Tear


*Ahead is some seriously melodramatic, 2am poetry nonsense. It’s heartfelt, but it’s almost regressive, like I rediscovered my inner teenager.*

A Single Tear

I shed my tear,
Permitting a solitary tear to leave the outside corner of my eye.

This one tear I will shed
For the kisses that are now no more than skipping stones grazing the surface of a pond.
For your back, turned out and away.
Never was an issue, as I sleep the same way,
Until now, as you stopped turning back to me.

For your instant, measured breath.
For you gentle, determined deflection.

One tear rolls down my cheek
As I lie, wide awake and alert
Wondering what you intend to do with twelve uninterrupted hours of sleep,
Wondering how my “foxiness” dissipated so fast,
Replaced by bland, unchanging pleasantries
Where I am another “baby,” or nothing named at all,
Another memento of the Midwest, already packed away in cargo for deployment.

One tear, but I cannot spare another.
They wait in reserve, as I retain hope for the new day.
And I cannot waste too much of my precious sorrow
On a thankless, hollow bed.