Sounds I have not heard


Sounds I have not heard
In stillness my ears fill
With all the sounds I have not heard.
The tree falling,
The waterfall crashing,
The whale singing,
A silence so profound
I cannot hope to quiet it.
Perhaps this is why in stillness
I must shift and pace –
So that I may not hear
All that I have yet to hear.
I take the sound waves passing through me
And translate them to keyboard clicks,
Stovetop fans, and loud swallowing.
Anything to contribute
To the cacophonous silence around me.


Late Night Quiet


Silence on a Sleepless Night

A dreadful, heavy thing – silence without sleep.
In the cacophony of a single heart beating
I feel the blood in my lips.
My arms, hollow as armor,
Listening to my own self-contained, continuous form
Creating a din in space
As though to scare the crows away.
Silence hums as well.
If you’ve ever sat in silence you know the sound
Of an infinite number of invisible waves
Wrapping around you in contours
Because you are the stone in the way of the current.
I am the reason for the sounds of silence
I am here to hear it
And harmonize.