One Place to Start Loving Myself


One Place to Start Loving Myself

Today it will be the top of my calf.
It’s a good place to start.
A place to start loving myself.
You’re not so bad, top of calf
You have an elegant curve.
You haven’t been sore today.
You let me jump a few inches off the ground in cardio
With you on my side,
I might not be so bad
So unappealing
So doomed…

It’s a start.




She strides, bedecked in the trappings
of ravens and magpies.
Her coat, the color of the urban underclouds.
Plum, peach, and slate grey skies.

She smiles in confident tones of
One who has seen a thing or two,
Knows what is what.
She points you to your destination
In exchange for a bauble
Of personal information you already forgot.

Green boots, like cocktail olives
And fashion forward thinking.
She strides, clothed in the trappings
Of ravens and magpies.


I have returned! I’ve kept all my poetry in paper journal format as is my custom. I guess it’s time to go back to putting it all up in electronic format.

I’ve been playing with that first couplet for months now – never sure where it was meant to go.